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Have you stuck to your new year’s resolutions?

We are now approaching the end of the month, the first month of the year, the month of new beginnings and the chance to start fresh. A lot of people fall victim to the idea of a complete reinvention to mark the new year. Perhaps […]

Blue Monday? We think not!

We all know that Monday’s are perhaps the worst day of the week. The weekend is over, you may still be slightlight hungover from Saturday night and now you have to face the whole week all over again. Not great, trust me we know. And […]

Will you be my Valentine?

Perhaps one of the best gift a loved one can receive is something of both sentimental value and something that can last forever. There is nothing more special that having something that you can always look back on, that you can always appreciate, that will always represent your love for someone.

Of course Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to express your love and devotion to your other half! There are of course the go to gifts every year. Her favourite perfume, that necklace she has been hinting about for months, maybe even that fluffy puppy she insist would make her ‘the happiest girl ever’.

While all of these are wonderful gifts, why not go the extra mile. Give her the gift that keeps on going, the gift that will make all of her friends jealous, the gift that she will happily gloat about on Instagram with the hashtag #bestboyfriendever.

What is this fantastic, magical gift you are suggesting? You may be asking yourself. Everlasting Roses. It’s a simple as that. Roses are the flower of love, the flower of Valentines, the flower everyone should receive at least once in their lifetime!

Here at Foam Wedding Flowers we do our best to make all of our customers feel special. Every single one of our handmade gifts are made with care, love and time. There truly is not a more sentimental gift that one can receive.

Our special Valentines collection is currently in the making but there are sure to be a range of everlasting hat boxes to display in your home forever. Along with a whole host of other beautiful gifts such as personalized mirrors, mirror walls and so much more!

So the question is, will you be my Valentine?


A day of Remembrance

Here at Foam Wedding Flowers, we are proud to show our support and gratitude to the soldiers who fought for us, in the form of Remembrance Sunday. Today is a day that should be filled with commemoration for the british soldiers and the women for […]

Its Beginning to look a lot like…

We hate to admit it, but it’s well and truly Christmas time. Yes we may be in November, but that by no means that Christmas festivities aren’t well under way. Lucky for all of our lovely customers, here at Foam Wedding Flowers we have a […]

Christmas and New year Notices







Hello our lovely customers,

just a quick little note about our opening hours. Up until the New year. the hours will be as follows;


TUESDAY: 9:30am to 5pm

WEDNESDAY: 9am to 5pm

THURSDAY 11am to 4 pm

FRIDAY 9:30am to 5pm

SATURDAY: 11am to 4pm

We will be closed on THURSDAY 7TH DEC ALL DAY

SATURDAY 9TH DEC open at 9am CLOSING at 2pm

We WILL BE CLOSING for our Christmas break on SATURDAY 16TH DEC until THURSDAY 4th JAN 2018


Jo & Co x

Traditional Somethings

‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ sound familiar? The four essential some things every bride requires on their special day. There are an extortionate amount of wedding traditions to keep up with, especially for a traditional British Bride. We must admit, even sometimes […]

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Are you stuck on what gift to give that special someone? May it be a housewarming gift, a new born baby celebration or even a special birthday. We have the perfect gift for you. Foam Wedding Flowers by Joanne specialise in providing a gift that […]

Baby Shower Essentials

There is nothing more challenging that trying to find that perfect baby shower present. Clothes? Nope, they have loads already. A hamper? So predictable. A hat Box? Perfect! Let us explain…

We now offer a range of personalised hat boxes specifically for baby showers and newborn presents. Our forever Hat box range can be as creative and individual as you require. We can print names onto the box and add any little finishing touches you may have in mind.

The great thing about these boxes are they do last forever and are virtually unable to damage. So their is no problem having them on display in a child’s room.

Take a look at our current range of Hat boxes and give us a call with any ideas on how we can personalise yours!

#Princess Vibes

Here at Foam Wedding Flowers by Joanne we think that every girl, at least once in their lifetime has to own their own dream tiara! Tiaras are a feature that have over the years been experimented with, not only by royalty but by fashion and […]

Party the Night Away 

Here at Foam Wedding Flowers by Joanne we aim to please everyone. While weddings are our speciality, foam flowers can be used to make any event it for a queen. Now one day that you never fail to forget is a big birthday! No matter […]

How to achieve that perfect summer wedding without the sun

It is no secret that here in England, Summer is a thing that rarely serves us. We get our hopes up all through the cold seasons. We think, “oh I just can’t wait for a bit of sun.” For it reach mid-august and our summer to be virtually over after having roughly one or two successful BBQ’s. I know, disappointing right?

The problem with this is, when it comes to Summer wedding season, finding that perfect date to achieve that blissful summer wedding you see in the movies can be a bit of an issue. Not to worry! Just because the sun isnt guaranteed to be cracking its flags does not mean you can’t transform your special day into a Caribbean esc event! Forget the 30 degree heat, the white beach, the crashing waves. You can have have the summer wedding you’ve always dreamt of, rain included and this is how Foam Wedding Flowers by Joanne can make it happen.

Now all’s you need for a summer wedding is colour, lots and lots of colour. We don’t mean incorporating every colour under the sum into you venue. Don’t worry ladies, you bridesmaids don’t have to be in bright yellow! It’s all about creating the illusion. The same way, no matter what the time of year, if you walk into Santa’s grotto, it’s going to feel like Christmas! So, when you and your guests walk into your chosen venue, we can make sure it feels like the hottest, Summery’ sensational season of the year you’ve ever experienced.

It is just the simple things that can really add a special touch. The iconic Kim Kardashian rose wall is the perfect feature to illuminate any room. As part of our venue dressing we can create a wall of any size and any colour to fit your needs. If you are wanting to achieve the luminous Summer feel we would recommend experimenting with golden and ivory tones to add a bronzed look to an already sun kissed bride!

Another little trick we like to do here at Foam Wedding Flowers by Joanne are extravagant table features.  By having a white or ivory venue and then adding a burst of colour on the table centre pieces again is a perfect way to brighten up the room. Even if it’s just including one or two colours to a blank background, the attention is immediately drawn to the centre pieces!

Hopefully a few of these little tips will help you turn your dull England weather wedding into the summer blissfulness you’ve imagined! And as always, feel free to give us a call or drop into the store any time to let us help plan your perfect day.


Radiant Relaunch

One of the most special days of your life is your wedding day. After spending so much time, attention and planning for your day to be perfect, you want as many things as possible to preserve all of the wonderful memories made. While it is […]

Christmas Gift Bouquets

Christmas is creeping up on us, have you got all your presents sorted? If you are like me and like to be organised why don’t you come and order our FANTASTIC christmas gift bouquets before we close in mid December. We have them ready made […]

Christmas Weddings

As we are moving to a bigger and more prettier shop we are working way ahead of ourselves and now have reached the Christmas wedding orders.

Some of the orders have included beautiful snowflake brooches, lots of sparkle and bling. Traditional Poinsettias are also popular for our Christmas brides with reds and deep purples seeming the most fashionable.

A little update regarding our new shop which is situated on Liverpool Road image1North in Maghull; close to Sunseekers. Our pink and sparkle work station has been fitted  and the floor is to be laid next week, we are getting there! A beautiful surprise focal point for our window display is being delivered on Monday and we are so excited!

Things Are Progressing…

Things here at Foam Wedding Flowers By Joanne are only getting better; as promised. Our new shop is well on the way to being the most beautiful shop in the wedding world! Can you imagine our current little shop being even more beautiful? Its hard […]

We’re Moving To A Bigger, Better Shop!

We’re Moving To A Bigger, Better Shop!

Well it looks like we have out grown our fabulous cabin at Sefton Meadows!  We will be relocating to Liverpool Road North in Maghull in January 2017. Our cabin will be closing mid December.  We are so excited as the new shop is so much […]

County Brides Awards

Our fabulous customers have nominated us again this year for The County Brides North West Wedding Awards! We are so excited. Last years win was amazing so we are hoping to take home another gorgeous trophy. The award take place in The Imperial War Museum in Manchester in June.lots of our customers have been voting so fingers crossed!image

We won iZettle 15 minutes of fame!!!

We won iZettle 15 minutes of fame!!!

Well what  fantastic news! We won the IZettle 15 seconds of fame. It was the peoples choice so we want to thank everyone that voted for us!!! Our advert is going to be on all of the SKY channels throughout  the week commencing 23rd November. […]

A Busy Month Here at Foam Wedding Flowers!

A Busy Month Here at Foam Wedding Flowers!

This month is a busy month here at Foam Wedding Flowers! The izettle competition is coming along nicely! Everyone is kindly voting every day so fingers crossed!  we will burst with excitement and pride if we win this!!!!! You can vote for us by clicking […]

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This month is a busy month here at Foam Wedding Flowers!
The izettle competition is coming along nicely! Everyone is kindly voting every day so fingers crossed!  we will burst with excitement and pride if we win this!!!!! You can vote for us by clicking here
We are attending The Park Hotel Wedding Fair on Sunday 18th October. It starts at 12noon until 3pm. We have made lovely goody bags and our display is going to be our largest and most beautiful to date!
Christmas is creeping up on us so we are busy getting the December orders done and dusted as we are on holiday from December 1st until January 3rd so the shop will be closed the whole time.
We are looking forward to the break but we will miss being in our pretty shop!
Jo xx