How to achieve that perfect summer wedding without the sun

It is no secret that here in England, Summer is a thing that rarely serves us. We get our hopes up all through the cold seasons. We think, “oh I just can’t wait for a bit of sun.” For it reach mid-august and our summer to be virtually over after having roughly one or two successful BBQ’s. I know, disappointing right?

The problem with this is, when it comes to Summer wedding season, finding that perfect date to achieve that blissful summer wedding you see in the movies can be a bit of an issue. Not to worry! Just because the sun isnt guaranteed to be cracking its flags does not mean you can’t transform your special day into a Caribbean esc event! Forget the 30 degree heat, the white beach, the crashing waves. You can have have the summer wedding you’ve always dreamt of, rain included and this is how Foam Wedding Flowers by Joanne can make it happen.

Now all’s you need for a summer wedding is colour, lots and lots of colour. We don’t mean incorporating every colour under the sum into you venue. Don’t worry ladies, you bridesmaids don’t have to be in bright yellow! It’s all about creating the illusion. The same way, no matter what the time of year, if you walk into Santa’s grotto, it’s going to feel like Christmas! So, when you and your guests walk into your chosen venue, we can make sure it feels like the hottest, Summery’ sensational season of the year you’ve ever experienced.

It is just the simple things that can really add a special touch. The iconic Kim Kardashian rose wall is the perfect feature to illuminate any room. As part of our venue dressing we can create a wall of any size and any colour to fit your needs. If you are wanting to achieve the luminous Summer feel we would recommend experimenting with golden and ivory tones to add a bronzed look to an already sun kissed bride!

Another little trick we like to do here at Foam Wedding Flowers by Joanne are extravagant table features.  By having a white or ivory venue and then adding a burst of colour on the table centre pieces again is a perfect way to brighten up the room. Even if it’s just including one or two colours to a blank background, the attention is immediately drawn to the centre pieces!

Hopefully a few of these little tips will help you turn your dull England weather wedding into the summer blissfulness you’ve imagined! And as always, feel free to give us a call or drop into the store any time to let us help plan your perfect day.


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