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Here at Foam Wedding Flowers we are always eager to meet as many customers as possible. While we can be busy at store, you are always more than welcome to drop in at any time and we will be their to help you as quickly and efficiently as we can. Our store is currently located at 156d Liverpool Rd N, Maghull, Liverpool L31 2HW. You can also get in contact with Joanne via 07715 373767. However if you just fancy a browse or a bit of inspiration,be sure to follow our social media sites.







We will be closing at 4pm on Tuesdays, 5pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays and 3pm Fridays,

We are closed on Sundays and Mondays

We are able to stay later if requested in advance

These times will be in place until the new year. Please check our Facebook page for any further updates regarding opening hours.


Jo & Co x