Khloe Kardashian Pregnancy; Planning an event fit for a Kardashian

A short while ago, at Foam Wedding Flowers we essentially went into meltdown over the latest Kardashian news! Khloe’s pregnancy! *everyone cheer*

If like us you are super fans of the Kardashian family you will understand just how much of a big deal this is. This is going to be one of the families biggest celebration yet and we can’t wait for the episode to premier!

Of course after the initial shock and excitement calmed down our thinker hats came on. This calls for an extravagant, flower filled baby shower for the new Jr Kardashian.

Much like any other Kardashian event we are certain that this will be a beautiful soiree. And we would love to help all of you to achieve the same level of excellence if you are wanting a super extra shower!  

What is normally so great about the events held by the Kardashians is the simplicity of the decor. While they achieve the extravagant look, they never over do it. Take a look below of some of their past events that used the simplicity of flowers to decorate.

Take a look at some of our products in our gallery that could help you achieve an event fit for a Kardashian.


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