Mirror Mirror on the wall

Are you stuck on what gift to give that special someone? May it be a housewarming gift, a new born baby celebration or even a special birthday. We have the perfect gift for you. Foam Wedding Flowers by Joanne specialise in providing a gift that lasts forever and are always thinking of new ways to expand on this.

One of our most popular products recently are our floral mirrors. These beautiful feature pieces can illuminate any room and are a simple yet effective way to change something so normal as a mirror into a one of a kind gift that can be treasured forever.

Like any of our other products, they can be designed to fit your request. If you have an old mirror in your house that you don’t have the heart to throw away, this is the perfect way to give it that much needed TLC. Or if it’s a mirror that has sentimental meaning that is desperate for a bit of modernisation, this is ideal.

Have a little look one of floral mirrors and as always give us a call if you’d like to create your own!


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