Mothers Day Madness

Yes , that time of year is coming again. What gift could you possibly by for mothers day that you haven’t already bought. Champagne and a fancy meal, done it. A Spa weekend, done it. Family framed photo, yes done that too.

Well fear not, this year will be very different. How you may ask? Because you have us!

We are here to save the day, you are very welcome. As you may already know, Foam Wedding Flowers prides itself in providing everlasting gifts. Gifts that can be treasured forever. What better gift is there than a gift that keeps on giving? A gift that will forever be on display to be looked at by anyone that visits your home. Sounds amazing doesn’t it.

Joanne and the team are constantly coming up with new design ideas and thinking out of the box. We try to make as many imaginative and beautiful gifts as possible, of course all made out of flowers of any colour choice and type.

So here are a little list of some of the most amazing mothers day presents we can make at your request!


  • Traditional bouquet: Of course you can never go wrong with traditional flower arrangement. Take a look at some of our previously made arrangements.
  • Flower mirror: A perfect way to illuminate any room. If you are after a gift that is a show-stopper/ breathtaker this is definitely the present you are looking for.


  • Flower wall: If you are planning a grand surprise, this is most definitely the way to go. A flower wall is a colossal gift that can be used for display purposes, events or just to enjoy looking at!


  • Flower Box: This is again a traditional and perhaps more formal gift to give. These boxes are deisgned to be a fantastic centre peice and every client we have had always falls in love with them!

We hope this short guide will help you out and if you are looking for more inspiration, feel free to call by at the store at any time!

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