Will you be my Valentine?

Perhaps one of the best gift a loved one can receive is something of both sentimental value and something that can last forever. There is nothing more special that having something that you can always look back on, that you can always appreciate, that will always represent your love for someone.

Of course Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to express your love and devotion to your other half! There are of course the go to gifts every year. Her favourite perfume, that necklace she has been hinting about for months, maybe even that fluffy puppy she insist would make her ‘the happiest girl ever’.

While all of these are wonderful gifts, why not go the extra mile. Give her the gift that keeps on going, the gift that will make all of her friends jealous, the gift that she will happily gloat about on Instagram with the hashtag #bestboyfriendever.

What is this fantastic, magical gift you are suggesting? You may be asking yourself. Everlasting Roses. It’s a simple as that. Roses are the flower of love, the flower of Valentines, the flower everyone should receive at least once in their lifetime!

Here at Foam Wedding Flowers we do our best to make all of our customers feel special. Every single one of our handmade gifts are made with care, love and time. There truly is not a more sentimental gift that one can receive.

Our special Valentines collection is currently in the making but there are sure to be a range of everlasting hat boxes to display in your home forever. Along with a whole host of other beautiful gifts such as personalized mirrors, mirror walls and so much more!

So the question is, will you be my Valentine?


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